About Sound Pro

Located in Dunsborough we provide sound systems and sound control to the South West of Western Australia.

We have over 30 years of involvement in the music industry in live and studio sound. In this time we have provided sound engineering and equipment for converts and events all around Western Australia and now are focusing on events in Dunsborough, Margaret River, Busselton, Bunbury and other venues in the South West.

To have quality front of house sound is paramount but what is often overlooked is stage sound.

We know how important stage sound can be to your overall performance and front of house sound. Having a great stage sound can spark those creative juices and ignite the atmosphere, to produce an everlasting experience for you and the audience.

We strive to have clear and audible vocals with crisp hi end without losing the low end punch while maintaining controlled mid-range EQ.

Sound Pro – To provide the highest quality sound.

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